Step 1:


Go online

The best results will be achieved if an Internet connection is established before operating T3 Software


Step 2:

Launch T3

Double click the T3 icon on your desktop.

Above the "Status" line on every T3 page, you will see operation instructions for that page of your T3.  For further information, you can double click the ? in the upper right of any T3 screen to get specific answers to many questions. For step-by-step instructions for a basic send, please continue reading this page.


 Click "Add Files".
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Click on the first file you'd like to send.  Hold down your CTRL key and left click on all the other files you wish to send.  Once all files are selected, click "Open".

FILES CANNOT BE ADDED FROM EXTERNAL DRIVES such as a CD drive, zip drive, etc. They must be selected off your computer's hard drive.

DO NOT ZIP FILES! Zipping files actually hinders the T3 process. T3's compression is far superior to a zip, and it will be bypassed if a zipped file is added.

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Click "Select Scopist"

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Select the proper scopist, choose the due date you'd like the job returned, add a job name, and click "Place Order".

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That's it!  T3 will compress all your files, encrypt all your files, and load all your files onto T3's secure servers.

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This completes the transfer of the documents to the T3 secure servers, and the job will be available to the scopist you selected!


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