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Few things are as important today as internet security. Whether you are transferring sensitive documents or personal information, you want to know the data you are sending across the internet will be viewed only by the person you intend. T3 has you covered.


Other file transfer services claim they have encrypted file transfer. What they mean is that they are using an encrypted stream, not actual file encryption. An encrypted stream does offer a level of security during transfer, but it does not compare to sending an encrypted package.

With T3, you are uploading and downloading encrypted packages. The files you choose to send are encrypted into a unique package before ever leaving your computer. Therefore, what is moving across the internet is not only an encrypted stream, but an encrypted stream carrying an indecipherable package.

What does this mean to you? With other services, if someone were to grab your transfer, they would be able to view whatever files you were sent. If someone were to grab a T3 transfer, they would have only an encrypted package that they could do nothing with.


What happens to the files once they are uploaded and reside on the server? With other services, files sit in their original state in a location on the server. If that server were to be compromised, everything you'd transferred would be wide open to whoever breached that server!

With T3, you are sending encrypted packages, as mentioned. While your transfers are on our servers, they remain as encrypted packages. Your transfers do not decrypt until they have been completely downloaded onto the recipient's computer through the recipient's T3 program. So in the extremely unlikely event that T3's secure servers were compromised, what would be available to the hacker? Nothing. They would see countless encrypted packages that they could do nothing with.


Other services send an email with a link to the recipient of the transfer telling them there is a file ready for them to download. They click on the link, it takes them to a web location, and they download the file. So anyone who intercepts this email or has access to it in any way can access your files! If you are trying to avoid the notoriously insecure aspects of email by using a secure file transfer service, what good does this do you? Kind of defeats the purpose!

T3 sends an email notification at the end of a transfer, but there is no link. It's only a notification that the transfer is ready for download in the unique T3 program that resides only on your recipient's computer. If someone were to intercept a T3 email, it wouldn't do them any good. They would also need to steal your recipient's computer to get a T3 transfer!

As with a T3 upload, the T3 download comes down as an encrypted package and does not decrypt until it is on your designated recipient's computer. Again, an internet thief who somehow managed to break the encrypted stream would wind up with a package they could do nothing with.


Suffice it to say that when it comes to file transfer security, T3 rises above the competition and gives you all the peace of mind you deserve. In this day and age, customers demand full file security, and that is exactly what T3 delivers.

Now you've heard about our security. Sign up for the free trial today and see for yourself!

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