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128-Bit Encryption

You deal with incredibly sensitive documents, and you need state-of-the-art security.  T3 places a 128-bit encryption on each and every file transferred by T3 before it leaves the reporter's computer, and T3 doesn't decrypt the package until after it has been safely downloaded on the scopist's computer.        

T3 adds further security by  license verification built directly into each copy of T3.  Other services offer password security.  Password protection is not nearly enough for the type of documents you are dealing with!  T3's security offers the peace of mind you deserve.


Resume and Auto-Resume Capability

Have you ever lost your Internet connection in the middle of a long upload or download of a huge audio file and had to start all over?  How frustrating!  With T3, that won't ever happen.  T3 will prompt you that you've lost your Internet connection, direct you to reconnect to the Internet, then will pick up the upload or download RIGHT FROM WHERE YOU LEFT OFF!

Further, T3 let's you select our Auto-Resume function.  If you choose to upload or download, leave the room, and lose your Internet connection, T3 will keep hammering at that connection, and as soon as it's re-established, T3 will resume the upload or download.  Never again go to bed only to wake up in the morning and find your job has not been successfully sent to your scopist.  T3 ensures your job will get across the Internet every time.


Dual Install

T3 understands that most reporters are using both a desktop and laptop computer.  That is why, with the latest version, reporters and scopists will be able to place T3 on two computers.


Dual Compression Engines

There are times when speed is the most important thing for reporters, and there are times when audio quality is the most important thing.  T3 allows for both.  Reporters can toggle between the two settings at any time so that each T3 transfer is sent in the mode most imperative to the reporter.


Completed Transcript Return

E-mail is not safe!  If you're using an encrypted service to send the job to your scopist, you should have encrypted security when receiving the job back from your scopist.  T3 allows scopists to return the job to their reporter; thereby accessing the full encryption T3 offers.  This also helps keep the job history complete and in one place.  T3 is all you should ever use for sending and receiving transcripts.


Pay Per Use Accessibility

T3 Professional users have the ability to start a pay per use account.  This account has a one-time startup fee of $49.95, and then you only pay for what you use.  Each transfer is $4.95, and a transfer is defined as a successful upload from the reporter and a successful download from the scopist.  Returning the completed transcript to the reporter via T3 is free!  This is an excellent option for those reporters who only occasionally use a scopist.


Full Profile Controls

Have you moved?  Have you changed ISP and/or e-mail address?  Don't waste time trying to reach support to make the changes.  T3 gives you easy access to your profile controls to make those changes immediately.


Easy Job Tracking

T3 gives you a Details tab for every job sent or received.  Users can see what job was sent, who the job was sent to, when the job was uploaded, when it was downloaded, when it was returned, when the completed job was downloaded.  The details page also allows users to print this page for record-keeping purposes.


Full History Controls

You decide how much history you want to keep of transfers.  You can show all jobs ever sent, you can select a month of order history, or you can see the last two weeks of transfers.  It's up to you how detailed you want your T3 to be!


Reporter or Scopist Accessibility

Are there times you send large audio files and other times that you want to receive large audio files?  T3 Professional allows you to have both the uploading and downloading side of T3 on the same machine.  With a single mouse click, you can move between the reporter side of T3 and scopist side of T3.


Clear Instructions Every Step of the Way

If you are ever confused about what to do on what page of T3, just look above the status line.  You will find a few sentences there that inform you exactly what you need to do on that page.


Job Description Field

Place a job description for every job ever sent.  This allows for extremely easy reference via the details page.  Don't ever be confused again about what job was sent when.  The job description field eliminates all miscommunications between reporters and scopists concerning which job is which.


Due Date Field

Your jobs are time-sensitive.  When you need them completed, you need them completed.  With T3's due date field, there will never be a question of when you had said the job was due.  The due date you select goes into your job history and can be accessed by both scopist and reporter to verify when each job was due back.


Full Status Display Every Step of the Way

T3 doesn't ever leave you in the dark about what it's doing.  If T3 is compressing your files, it will let you know.  If T3 is encrypting, it will be made clear that process is underway.  If T3 is transferring the files, you'll see that, as well.


Automatic E-mail Compatible with any Internet Connection

At the end of every T3 upload, an automatic e-mail can be sent to the job's recipient.  This auto e-mail feature is compatible with every Internet Service Provider.  You have the ability to choose your own subject and main text, as well.  You can control your auto e-mail settings, too, whether you want to be prompted to send an e-mail each time, whether you don't ever want to send an e-mail, or whether you want T3 to go ahead and send one at the end of uploaded without any prompts.


Scopist Assistant Capability

T3 Professional users can opt for the scopist assistant feature.  This is a great feature for scopists who work together.  If a job is received and you want your assistant to scope that job, you can delegate the job to them, and in five seconds, the job is now ready for both of you to download.  Reporting agencies that use in-house scopists will love this feature.  The agency can act as the central hub for all reporters to send to; then the agency can delegate those jobs off to whichever scopist they choose.  This allows the agency to download the audio as well as the scopist, which makes for excellent archiving.


Embedded Purchase Capability

Do you want to upgrade from T3 Essential to T3 Pro?  Do you need to add an additional station?  Do you need to move from a six-month account to a one-year account?  Don't waste time browsing around our web site to make the purchase.  Purchase capability lies right inside your existing T3!


Completely Free Automatic Updates

T3 updates the product on a regular basis to keep up with the changing needs of our customer base.  These updates are always made available to existing users and are always absolutely free.  With T3, you'll never miss out on any of the latest and greatest technological improvements.


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