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I wanted to be sure and express my gratitude for the prompt and EXCELLENT support I received during a a two week daily copy arbitration. I experienced some computer failure, not once but twice, and you really came through for me. I'm thankful that you responded so quickly because I was in a situation where time was of the essence. Feel free to use my comments as further proof that T3 is the best out there.. AGAIN, THANKS - Gayla M., scopist

As always, your service is stellar! If only all the folks I work with were as dependable and helpful as you. - Yvonne F., reporter

Wow! You guys sure do give prompt, efficient support! Thanks a bunch! - Kathy M., reporter

And thank you for a great product and ALWAYS helping me when I call. Your support is the BEST I've ever experienced with anything at anytime. And...that's so refreshing. Thanks again. - Lynne S., reporter

I wanted to compliment you and your company for excellent service as well as an excellent product. Customer service seems to be severely lacking these days, but every single time my scopist has contacted you in response to something dealing with me or had me contact you, T3 has always responded extremely fast. I have been so pleased w/the service that I posted your name, email address, and the little info I knew about you guys on Gigatron/StenoCat's web forum and have even gone so far as to personally email fellow court reporters to recommend you guys and shared my great experience w/you guys, as well as my other not-so-pleasant experience w/companies offering similiar services. My experience with T3 has been the best consumer service I have received all year both in customer service as well as product reliability. I cannot thank you all enough for making one more hectic, busy life better. It's a refreshing change. ;-) - Kathy D., reporter

Thank you for such a quick response. This is why we recommend T3 to everyone!!!!!!!!! - Sally W., scopist

You guys are awesome. Your support is second to none. I'm sure you never sleep, because you always seem to be instantly available. Thanks so much. - Linda C. :) scopist

Thank you, once again, for getting back to me so promptly. It is so nice to work with a company who is always there to answer your questions quickly. I have recommended your service to many reporters, and will continue to do so! - Lori S., reporter

Thanks for taking care of the upgrading and provding such a wonderful product - Krista C., reporter

Thank you so very much for responding so quickly. My reporter will be so pleased!! She told me support with this company was great. - Karen G., scopist

Thanks very much! You are always so prompt. I have no idea what kind of support agreement I have with you, but I know that in the past I've reached you (or someone on your behalf) on the slopes in Switz, and other far away places, not to mention where your home base is. If you ever have to give up a thing, those of us who notice hope you will never give up your small company attention to your clients! Thank you. - Pam S., reporter

Just want to let you know that the changes you have made to T3 are great. The download time is now much shorter and it is working very smoothly. Good Work!! - Sue S., scopist

You guys have AMAZING customer service. thanks sooooo much :) - Bonne S., scopist

We just used our free trial for the first time, and I am astounded! You have just solved all of our problems and woes of the last couple of months. We have tried whalemale, boxcloud, etc., etc., and they all are awful and time-consuming. I love that you're geared toward reporters, as you know what our needs are. So far, I'm hooked! Thank you so much. - Jeanette B., scopist

Your support is excellent and you will have me for a long time to come, and I will recommend your T3 Software to my other court reporting friends. - Anna C., reporter

Thanks for your help - it's very much appreciated. By the way, if ever you want a testimonial from a reporter, just ask. This software is really great! - Jim T., reporter

Y'all are always so helpful, friendly and quick to respond. Whenever a new reporter I'm working with asks me which service I would recommend for our wav files, I always recommend you. This is a perfect example of why. Thank you for all you do. - Pam T., scopist


Do you EVER sleep? You guys are wonderful! - Dana W., reporter

I know people love your service, so keep up the good work. Anytime anyone has mentioned T3, it has been in the context of how well the service
works! - Lisa W., scopist

RENEW, RENEW, RENEW! COULDN'T LIVE W/OUT YOU :) - Jessica B., reporter

You have ALWAYS been helpful. Your customer service is second to NONE - and I mean that - it's impeccable and very unusual these days. Thanks so much! - Jane B., reporter

Thanksssssssssss so much! That was head swimmingly fast. ;-) - Mary W., scopist

You CONSISTENTLY are exceptionally quick to reply to and address my needs, and I appreciate that tremendously, especially because my business is so time-demanding and deadline-driven. Thank you thank you. You have my loyalty, and if you ever need a reference, please feel free to contact me. - Jennifer C., reporter

Thank you sooooooo much. I do appreciate your gracious accommodation on your off hours. Every "cycle" of my use of your software reminds me what a pleasure it is to deal with your company. Your customer service is absolutely fantastic! - Janyce B., reporter

I want to say that I really appreciate the first-class T3 support you provide. You have always been quick to respond, no matter what time of day or night it is. And you've been most helpful in resolving any problems that I may have had, although I must say, I've really had no technical problems with T3 itself, it's usually other matters, in which case you've responded quickly. Thanks for such a wonderful tool for reporters and scopists to use. I've been with T3 since the beginning, and it's one of the best investments I've made. I will continue to recommend T3 to all my other clients. - Diane L., scopist

Thanks for your dedication and help in our crazy profession with your program and great support. I, for one, greatly appreciate y'all!!! - Lori C., reporter

You guys are great. I have been singing your praises and your software praises to every reporter that I come in contact with. I appreciate the professionalism. - C. Mack L., reporter


T3 Software
145 Santa Fe Mtn Drive
Evergreen, CO 80439
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